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Why I Started My Blog

Why I Started My Blog


From as far back as I can remember I've wanted to be the girl thaty puts the products in magazine. Reading my mother's Cosmo's I learned it's called an editor. My dream job? Beauty Market Editor. Finder of all things beauty related. Skin care, shadow, eyeliner, body scrubs, body treatments. At 13, I mixed up a blend of brown sugar and olive oil body scrub that left me itchy for days. 15? I shaved my arms to see if the hair really did grow back thicker. My girlfriends and I spoke about our lashes like baseball. Long and feathery? Batting a thousand. Thick and lush? A homerun. Mind you, I was not allowed to wear makeup. Ever. That didn't stop 9 year old LaToya from stealing my mom's pinky, shimmery satin lipstick and wearing it in school pictures. Then, pretending like I had nothing on when she saw the pictures and inevitably freaked out. The nerve, the audacity.The hours spent after school washing off eyeshadow in the bathroom. In the Bronx where I grew up beauty careers weren't real. It wasn't until I was done with college, Bachelor's Degree in hand that I even found other girls who loved beauty like I did. Yes, I love clothes and style, the statement you make to world about who you are, but I've always been a beauty girl. Beauty is selfish, self indulgent and necessary. 

Real Life. 

Now? I have an incredible job in fashion & HR, two things I'm passionate about, and I'll be 35 shortly. I'm not even sure I would love being a full time editor. Know what I do love? Finding and sharing things that make me smile. Talking about my body positivity journey. Eating really amazing, delicious, fun food. Traveling. Taking pictures. Answering questions. Connecting with breathtakingly dope women. That's what I love and what I plan to do here. 

The name. 

The name came to me after months and months of brainstorming back in 2014. I asked myself what are you trying to do? I'm trying to hold a mirror to myself while I make my life epic. Epic. The kind of life that's fun, gritty, deep. I wanted to buy my life, not rent it and that would only come once I got up close to myself and let others get upclose to me as well. No hiding, no shame, all of it. upclose & epic. A motto. 

It's been a journey and I'm so happy to start it. Again. :-) Subscribe via email below.


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