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What I Can't Live Without!

What I Can't Live Without!

I've been having the kind of week that only can be described as an anxiety cocktail. Cocktail because there are other things besides the anxiety, like joy and a big work accomplishment, but that's the main ingredient. There was a lot going on at work, key word was, it's died down somewhat and now I need to get to the business of enjoying my summer. Here's a few items that have kept me alive (and somewhat) at peace the last few weeks. 

Instagram Stories

 I love stories so much, mostly because the content is instant. I don't have to worry about finding the perfect image, or fleshing something out fully, I can post and go. It's where 90% of my content is now. It helps me make the blog better, I can/hear see my content voice clearer and I know which topics to the blog because it's the ones I keep posting over and over again to my stories. It's made me a more confident content creator. I love it. And I post non-stop. At least 6 to 7 times a day, shopping, food, beauty, all of it. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

I've talked about this so many times. It really cures everything. Hangover? ACV. Cold symptoms? ACV. Heartburn! ACV. Energy slump. ACV. I used to drink it in water in the am, but now I put it in my tea and I sleep like a college freshman after a party. I make something called magic elixir, because it’s pretty much magic. ACV, hot water, lemon, fresh ginger (peeled), sage and honey (local honey is the way to go, if you can find it and you suffer from allergies. Since it has the pollen from your area, your allergies will decrease significantly). It wards off everything bad and despite a flu epidemic and a few questionable outfits, I remained healthy all winter season. 

 AERIN Amber Musk Fragrance

I'm hopelessly devoted to Prada Infusion d' Iris. It's been my go-to fragrance for at least 8 years, but I've been switching it up with this sample deluxe sample from Sephora and I love it. It's woodsy & musky yet has a summery coconut vibe. It gives me a "rich black auntie who wears fur with a gambling husband" vibe. Basically it's the fragrance I imagine Diahann Carroll wore while filming White Collar. 


Random things also keeping me alive:  

  • Being in bed by 11. Actually in the bed, skin routine done, sipping tea, winding down 
  • Figuring out dinner for the week on Sunday & giving my husband 3 nights a week to cook
  • Sticking to a set weekly spending budget, complete with an account set up just for daily spending 
  • Target going the way of Amazon Prime with free 2 day shipping for RedCard holders
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