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Therapy Q&A

Therapy Q&A

I decided to answer a few common questions I get on social media about therapy.

  1. How do you afford to go every week?

    My insurance covers it. It’s only $25 a session for 45 minutes. However I went to one therapist who stopped taking my insurance while I was seeing her and we worked out a payment plan.

  2. What do you do when things are going well? What happens when you have nothing to talk about?

    Therapy isn’t just for the traumatic moments or for when you’re really down, confused or upset. It’s also great when I go and share my wins! Situations I handled well, happy times with my husband, ect. And no my therapist doesn’t look for problems if I don’t have any. She generally reads my mood and let’s our conversation flow from there or asks to pick up on last week. It’s also great when we go over how I thought something would play out vs how it actually happened at work or home. Some weeks I do think “oh I have nothing to talk about” I still go and I always find myself thinking “oh yeah I did want to talk about that” then gabbing for 15 mins straight.

  3. Do you ever get too close or does it ever feel awkward?

    There have been occasions where I realize I have an affinity for my therapist, meaning a moment will come when I’m like “oh I really like her” Like I enjoy speaking to her. But do I ever feel like she’s my best friend? No. She feels like an advocate. Like a really sympathetic doctor.

    I talk to my therapist about my sex life or I’ll allude to something and she will come right out and ask and that will forever be awkward, other than that not really. In the beginning I once told her, every time I come here I feel naked because I was being so honest. She made sure to talk through those feelings and took care to make sure I was completely comfortable. Its important to have someone who reads your signs and acts accordingly.

  4. Why do you talk about therapy so much?

    I never hear anyone mention therapy in casual conversation. In fact I used to say I have a doctors appt, instead of saying therapy. It’s important to me to normalize the conversation especially around black women getting the consistent care they need and deserve. Therapy is a big part of that. Plus I’m a natural information sharer, when I find something I love I want to tell everyone and I really do love therapy.

  5. What’s one thing you wish you knew before starting?

    I wish I had always been more open to sharing on a deeper level when I first started. So many things can be helped if you’re open and honest and it really is a judgement free zone.

I hope this week has been helpful and any questions I didn’t answer please ask away in the comments! xoxo & wellness.

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