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Prayer. How I Use It & Why.

Prayer. How I Use It & Why.

As we get deeper and deeper into this presidency, when everything in the news is insanely stressful, adding a prayer routine to my self care has helped me remain calm and centered and focused on my own life and the good things happening. 

I pray every morning.

I'm Catholic and my faith is a guiding force in my life. I also regularly say things like "the universe." I use them interchangeably sometimes, but I understand how to reference the universe differently. To me there's God, then there are people in my life who have passed and I consider them angels or spirits who watch over me and I can talk to. Then there's the energy from the planet and other people, sort of a guiding spiritual force in my life. The universe makes me conscious of what I'm manifesting, where as prayer is me clearing away any clutter in my mind. 

My AM prayer:

Hi God. Thank you. Thank you for waking me up, thank you for my job, thank you for my life. (then I proceed to thank God for anything that comes into my head, especially the any outcomes of any situations on my mind)

Starting the morning off with gratitude reminds me that I used to pray for the things I have now. 

My favorite in crisis prayers are:

Lord, please let this lesson be gentle. 

May I be strong, May I be happy, May I live with ease, May I be safe

Of what use and bridge can I be? 

My absolute favorite prayer of all time: Lord, let me be the woman you have me to be and do the things you would have me to do. 

These simple prayers help me feel more peaceful and remind me I'm not in control of everything. 

Do you pray? Do you believe in manifesting? What are some of your favorite prayers? 

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