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The Dress I Wear To Every Cookout & My Engagement Party

The Dress I Wear To Every Cookout & My Engagement Party


I shopped for my engagement party dress the night before my engagement party.

As a plus size shopper this was not a smart choice. I've been borderline plus mostly my entire life so that means I could usually find something in a stretchy material, in the largest size they have and make it work. This day? Nothing was working. I remember calling my best friend and crying at the idea of wearing something in my closet and saying I had been everywhere. I had gone to Nordstrom, Neiman's, Forever 21, H&M, and all the cute but dressy stores in between. Nothing would fit, nothing was right. I skipped the stores where I just knew nothing would fit or the service would be so bad I wouldn't want to buy anything. I wandered into BCBG expecting a little of both, but remembering that during my luxury retail days BCBG dresses were amazing for easy and comfortable chic. Plus the sales girls were usually super nice and there was almost always a sale. 


I found my dress.

I wanted something that would be light, because I get hot easily, white because I look good in it, and just nice enough I could wear it again but not too nice it would be a one hit wonder. I discovered a sleeveless, knit jersey, billowy, just below the knee, slightly higher in the front than the back. It costs $169 and it's an XL.  It's perfect for any and all occasions and it's machine washable (but I do dry clean it after a few wears depending on where I've been/how long I've had it on.)

Cost Per Wear is currently under $20


For my engagement party I accessorized it with tan wedges, a gold flower crown and my ring. Most recently I've pulled it out to wear to the Westchester Wine & Food Festival with a denim jacket, my Gucci fanny pack, and gold hoops. I've worn it to baseball games with sneakers and a rope belt and also to every cookout since 2016. It is literally the perfect bbq dress. Its white so I'm super careful but it's always fresh and cool, plus no one ever wears white to a BBQ so you immediately become one of the most stylish people in the room. 

White Dresses Are A Chic Summer Savior 


My BCBG dress is sold out but here's a few options at both ends of the price scales, investment and some fast fashion aka cheaper options. Here's a BCBG option which I may buy, the leather straps are so chic, plus everything on this ASOS page is gorge, especially this one with the hem and the super modern details on this one


What’s your go to chic summer piece? 

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