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My All Time Favorite Red Lip Stain - New

My All Time Favorite Red Lip Stain - New

 I wear a red lip at least 3 times a week. 

I love a red lip in the summer with a white dress. It's fresh & unexpected. Since I tend go full beach wear 24/7 from May- September, a red lip can adds a certain seriousness. It says "hey I'm still adulting in this striped dress and sandals," even when I'm at the office. 

Recently I picked up my favorite go-to color to apply it in the car, where 90% of my makeup gets applied, I realized I had used up the entire tube. That never happens to me. That's a lot of days of all day lip color. The item? 

 Sephora Lip Stain in 01 - Always Red

It's a blueish red.  It's sharp, matte, pigmented, & it stays on. Almost all day. I get about 5 hours of continuous pigminted wear through drinking coffee and talking nonstop.  I do reapply after lunch  It's so awesome. The texture keeps lips as moisturized as possible with a matte lip. 

My runner ups?

Bite Lipstick in Gazpacho.

It's essentially perfect except I need a "stay put stain"  that will take me through my day. The color is A+ and the formula is creamy & feels like an old school Revlon lipstick. Am I the only one who stole her mother's lipstick and would put it on and love the texture and smell? You cannot recreate that smell. For me it's synonymous with adulthood & the 90's. But back to Bite. It's the perfect color and never drys out your lips, yet looks like a matte. 

Stunna from Fenty

Of course a gorgeous fave, but I'm pretty sure you already have that color, or have heard of it. Rih can do no wrong. 

Add the any of the above to your red lip collection, asap! You won't regret it. 

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