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Heyyy Big Head

Heyyy Big Head

Here was my October/November:

  • I got a huge promotion and a 20% raise. Twenty. Two Zero Percent that I negotiated like hell for. The job will be great, hard & challenging and require a better version of me, and I’m so proud of myself at how far I’ve come.

  • I promoted my protegee to what is now my old job.

  • I got the best results (in my district) on a metric that I just knew was going to be bad. I’ve historically been one of the worst performers in this area and tbh had all but given up on trying to improve. Somehow I ended up the best which just makes me think of the saying “favor ain’t fair”

  • I received the second best score on something I worked really, really hard on. Which prompted my team of bosses to have a conversation with me which centered around me giving the credit to my team, and they reminded me off all the work I’ve done, the kind of leader I am, how I’ve grown years worth in a few short months and how I will be unstoppable if I continue like this. (insert tears) It was a moment I’ll never forget and the perfect way to transition out of my role.

  • I also made some really important and hard health decisions, all of which I’m not ready to share, but hopefully we’ll be trying to get pregnant in 2020!

  • ALL OF MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING IS DONE! (with the exception of my husband, which is the way I like it because then I can shop for him all month.

  • I started a very aggressive saving plan.

  • Lastly we made the decision to move to NYC in March. In the city. Like bodega and train life.

I honestly didn’t feel like I did that much but looking back at this list makes me feel so proud. I did all of that while paying my bills and staying hydrated. My skin looks like an absolute disaster. For real. A facial is in my future. It was a crazy month and something had to give and it was blogging. I had all these grand plans for content and then life really took over.


I was complaining in my head and feeling really low and comparing myself to a really popular blogger who stays up late to post and also works (what looks to be) a really hard demanding job and I just can’t. I need my rest and work was so consuming I needed to decompress when I got home. Long, hot baths, cooking every meal to make sure I was nourished (which is a huge accomplishment in and of itself), and making huge decisions left me feeling like I had nothing to say and no energy to create. Then just as I started to cry, I remembered this is a hobby. An unpaid hobby! I’m here and grateful for all of my readers but there will be times I need to focus on the business that pays me. That’s fine. I did commit to starting 2019 with more balance and finding ways to do this more consistently. But a main theme of this blog is wellness and kindness. Being kind to yourself first, then to others and using wellness and selfcare to do it.

So that “heyyy big head” was a cute way to say I’m back and thanks for sticking around while I was gone.

I hope your 2018 is ending well. Please let me know what you’ve been up to!

As always, I’m super active on Instagram and 100% more active on twitter these days. My handle is lalecox on both.



35 things I know.

35 things I know.