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I got promoted in December of 2018 and it’s been an amazing experience. 

But last week I got an amazing job offer. 

Same amazing company I work for now.  

More money. Definitely more prestige.

Better title. Way better title.

But less freedom.

Way less freedom. Significantly less freedom.

I have to turn it down right? Because isn’t freedom everything at this point?

Money is incremental. How much is 10-15k more really going to do? It’s not life changing.

But freedom? I’ll feel that. Everyday.

It’ll eat at me. Everyday.

By freedom I mean the ability to choose when I’m working, where I’m working from, what days, what times, what work i do when i get there, how i spend my day - that will all be determined by someone else. I’ve been managing people for so long, it’s extremely difficult for me to imagine myself being managed. I would hate it.

So no? Adulting is hard but remembering who i am and why I work so hard is easy.  

Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows - Book Review

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Heyyy Big Head

Heyyy Big Head