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An Epic Beach Day

An Epic Beach Day


The beach. I live for it. The sand, the sun, the way my weave tends to frizz up just perfectly after (because let's be honest my 4c curls do not respond well to salt water.) Being a water sign, the ocean has a special way of calming me and I go every chance I get. During a calm summer I can hit the beach at least 8-10 times. That's a good hot year. Normally I get there 6 times. When you factor in events, weddings, day off errands, and weather it's a pretty good amount considering its 90mins from my house. 


  • turkey sandwiches 
  • cucumber salad
  • chips and salsa ( so unexpected on the beach, but trust me. it works)
  • carrots and hummus 
  • order a pizza and have it delivered (this is truly fun and somehow it tastes better) 
  • a yummy boozy fruit salad (think mixed berries & a touch of grand marnier or mango with rum)



I typically keep 4-6 bottles of frozen water in my freezer for last minute beach days. Aside from water, I use growlers (the reusable glass bottles with flip tops) from Ikea to transport these: 

  • homemade lemonade & vodka with blueberries & thyme
  • simply limeade, tequila and crushed raspberries
  • st.germain and bottles of cheap prosecco 

Just be sure to bring plastic cups! 


  • speaker with pre made playlists 
  • UNO! 
  • a beach ball 

Planning a beach day like this takes a bit more work, but trust me it's worth it. Making sure you have enough food and fun ensures it will be an unforgettable day.

Happy Summer! 

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