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The Best Taco Restaurant In Westchester

The Best Taco Restaurant In Westchester

I love this restaurant.


I'm not even sure how I found it. I'm positive I scrolled yelp for 4 star reviews within a 20 minute drive. Anytime I search for a new restaurant I'm looking for 3 things.  Good energy, good drinks, & really good food. Bar Taco has all of those things and more. It's easily in the top 5 best restaurants I've ever been to. In my life. It's so excellent from top to bottom, food, service and everything in between, I hosted my engagement party there. It was worth every penny we spent, to treat our loved ones to an open bar and unlimited food in such an impressive environment. I'm positive this is the best taco restaurant in Westchester County, NY. 

The Food.


Bar Taco serves tacos. Of course there's pork and chicken but there's also falafel, sesame ribeye, & glazed pork belly.



Of course there's guacamole but there's also elotes-style corn, plaintains and a crisp yummy, slightly spicy cucumber slaw. This is only as tip of the menu. There's rice bowls, quesadillas, and a truly amazing roast chicken. 


 Even the dessert menu goes the extra mile. Fresh sweet pineapple with lime, churros and mini ice-cream cones. My fave? The key lime pie in a jar, which they will screw on the top and let you take it to go! 


The Drinks. 


The best margarita in Westchester. It's the best Margarita outside of NYC. It's so good, I've invested in TWO juicers to find the best and easiest way to juice limes and recreate them at home. Ever go to a restaurant and see the waitstaff cleaning and polishing silverware during downtime? At Bar Taco they juice limes. They use big, industrial size, metal lever juices that smash the lime and get every last drop. It's fun and leaves a bright smell that's unmistakable at the bar area. I could go on and on about the margaritas, but they also have a fun, inventive drink menu that utilizes fresh fruits and flavors.


The Scene. 

Bar Taco is a scene. The Portchester location sits on the Byram River and has an outdoor patio. Low sofa seating in white and blue, white metal flame lighting, great unobstructed sun or star views, it's gorgeous. If you don't get seated on the patio, do not worry. In fact, I tend to prefer the interior. It's stunning. It's filled with beachy photos that are so good I had to google the photographer, wood fans, high ceilings. It feels like your eating in a billionaire's house in Tahiti. Luxe, relaxing, chic and fun. Go.


If you aren't in Westchester, go anyway. There's a train 2 blocks away.  

This restaurant is such a fave, from impromptu lunches to special date nights. I hope you go and love it as much as I do. Share your fave taco restaurants below! 

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