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Anything But Ordinary

Anything But Ordinary

The Deciem Soho store is a skin care mecca that is worth the trip.


I ran out of two of my favorite products and with an upcoming girls weekend to Vegas I knew I needed to re-up before my skin is attacked with sun, cocktails and minimal sleep. I didn't have time to order online because with The Ordinary's popularity wait times are approximately 2-3 weeks for each order. That meant going to Soho/Little Italy in NYC. It's such a cute neighborhood and the location is right across from a cupcake shop and the amazing Soho Pizza, which keeps a long line out the door for good reason. 

First, you walk in and there's the entire line-up of their other brands. Everything from Abnomaly, Niod and all the rest.  Everything is ready for the testing and products are right there to grab once you decide what you want. The space for everything "not ordinary" is relatively small but not a single customer was shopping from that section. 


We all know why we're here.

 The Ordinary!


The Ordinary is anything but.

It's skin care with amazing, normally expensive ingredients, that cost shockingly little. It's been all the hype for months now especially since the skin girls have learned all the dupes for our favorite pricey products. The Ordinary's main competitors, in my opinion, are Drunk Elephant and Sunday Riley. I was a big fan of both, splurging on products that I used sparingly with decent results. With The Ordinary I can layer on products and use what I need, twice a day without that omg, this costs $90 a bottle gut renching feeling.  My skin notices and shows the results. My skin has never looked better. 


I have a select few products that I use after researching countless sites, a Reddit thread and reading Deciem's product descriptions thoroughly. I'm an acid/ chemical exfoliation girl all the way. They all were in-stock here. There were only 2 products I did not see out of the entire line-up.


The Deciem employees were extremely knowledgeable and honest about what they loved and what products may not be right for me. It definitely wasn't a sales person pitch to try to buy something. In fact I left behind a Vitamin C product that I was on the fence about after speaking to the sales guy about how it may impact my skin. 


I found myself in the middle of a sunscreen convo where they agreed their version wasn't the best, but said a new one was coming in a few weeks. I, of course, recommended my favorite Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb

If you've been interested in playing in their new foundation collection which goes to a deep chocolate brown, they do have that in-store as well with a person ready to help with color matching. 


The store is amazing, the employees amazing, the prices amazing. Go. Go now if you're in town and if you need places to eat or make it day trip hit me on insta!

The Ordinary. 

NYC Nolita  

New York, New York 10012-3532
(646) 259-3075
Mon-Sat: 10:00am - 8:00pm
Sun: 11:00am - 7:00pm

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