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Self Care. 2018 Update.

Self Care. 2018 Update.

I wrote this after the 2016 Election. 

On Tuesday, America at once disappointed me, and yet lived up to its everything it's ever been. I would be lying if I said I feel motivated to work for change or curious at what will happen, or full of faith that things will work out. My faith is officially shaken.

I'm tired. And that's okay. 

Wednesday, I took the day off from work to recover. I ugly cried (side note after a sobbing session I often look like a muppet! Ha!) and then, when it got to be too much, when it felt like I was suffocating on my own sadness, I know I had to engage in some serious self care. 

Recently with the news, I decided to update this post. It's overwhelmingly sad. Which makes self care more important than ever. 

Self care.

To define it: it's something you do, exclusively for you, usually alone, that helps you maintain your self and your soul. If you don't have solid self care rituals, I would advise you make a list of things that you currently do that leave you refreshed and soothed. Refer to it often. It's best to have a few self care moments a week. 


A lavender bath at least 4 times a week - Epsom salts are apart of my bath and/or shower ritual every night. Most nights it's a long, steamy, hot bath with this oil dropped in. Some nights when I just need to be clean before bed I throw the salts in and stand on them while I shower. If I'm feeling really luxe, I smoosh some epsom salts and coconut oil and I scrub my body. It's truly invigorating

A face mask, fruit and tea. My regular spa, Eden Day Spa,  gives you tea and a fruit plate in between services and its so calming. When I'm home I cut up a little fruit, make some tea and really enjoy the face mask experience. My favorite tea right now? Moroccan Mint Tea from Trader Joes. I'm off coffee and this has the caffeine I need.   

Eating a yummy meal & listening to The Read podcast.  (please note, now every time I hear the read I get hungry lol) Eating a great meal is transformative. Lately for me that's seafood take out, or this Spicy Pork & Zucchini Stir Fry. It comes together in 10 minutes, with Trader Joe's Frozen Basmati Rice. This meal is quickly becoming my comfort food go-to. 
epic tip: i use ground turkey which is healthier and cooks faster. 

Writing inspirational messages & checklists for myself. I write mirror messages, ala Gab Union is Being Mary Jane. My bathroom mirror is filled with post its reminding me of my bad bitch status! I use checklists to check in with me. I just write a list of great things to do for my mood. Drink entire swell bottle of water, check in with best friend, pick outfit for tomorrow, put on lipstick. Anything can do to get me out of my head and interacting with myself or a friend. 

Watching exactly 2 hours of either Modern Family or Black-ish with my favorite blanket. 2 hours is my magic number for tv. Anything more and I get ansty or I get stuck there all day. I grab my blanket and get a quick fix that leaves me feeling good. 

Most of my self care rituals involve smells, a snack, and/or being warm. 

After the election: On Wednesday I did all of those things. I allowed myself the space to cry, then got up and took care of me.  I have to say, after my self care and deliberately unplugging (no Twitter or tv news) I feel better. Not amazing but better. Some days that's all you can ask for.

Tip: Try not to force yourself into a better mood. Don't feel like I did a & b, I should feel better. Instead, do your best to be present and focus on your ritual. The better mood will come. 

These things make me strong. They rejuvenate me. I get stronger, I replenish. We are going to need that. They are counting on our exhaustion, on it all being too much. Stay Well and Stay Strong!

Viva Le Resistance. 


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